Giving Back

We believe in giving back to the community to help make the world that little bit better. Whether it be by supporting charities or doing our utmost to reduce our environmental footprint.

A percentage of the management fees we receive are donated to our chosen charities.

We currently support:

The Salvation Army
World Vision
The Red Cross
The Womans Refuge

Our individual offices also support some charities directly through contributions from the team working there.

Some of the locally supported charities are:
Wellington City Mission
Assistance Dog for Baxter

Environmental Policy

LPM Property Management believes it is our responsibility to minimize our impact on the environment and to promote actions that lead to overall environmental sustainability. We are committed to continuous improvement, and monitor and review our environmental performance on a regular basis.

The key areas we have identified for minimizing environmental impact are:

Where possible we encourage staff to rationalise and 'act smart' about transport usage. We encourage journey planning to avoid repetitive trips; and allow car pooling, to minimise carbon emissions and fuel consumption.

One of the biggest waste areas in any office is paper. By reducing the amount of paper we use we can minimise our impact on the environment by minimising our consumption of resources and production of waste material.
• We encourage use of electronic forms of communication over paper based.
• Staff are discouraged from printing out any unnecessary emails and documents and we have implemented a online solution to meet our internal needs in this area.
• Printing and photocopying is double sided where possible.
• We use the lightest paper weight practical.
• Stationary for internal use is recycled where possible.

Waste Management
Conserving energy and managing waste is beneficial for the environment. To help meet our company commitment to environmental matters we:
• Use energy efficient bulbs where possible.
• Turn off appliances and lighting when not in use.
• Promote the purchase and use of low energy appliances.
• Recycle ink cartridges from office printers.
• Use recycling bins for bottles, plastic and paper.

We focus on using products and companies that are environmentally conscious.
Where possible, we use only those suppliers with environmentally friendly policies and a commitment to those practices.
Where possible, we use only environmentally friendly and natural cleaning products